Thursday, August 8, 2013

Confession #26: Teachers need to listen to ME.

Confession #26:  Teachers need to listen to ME.

     For those of you who don't know me personally, or never gave a whoop-di-do about what I did before I achieved Trophy Wife status, I used to be a teacher.  Therefore, this post comes riddled with wisdom from an educator's point-of-view, as well as a professional child-wrangler.

     Teachers:  LISTEN UP.  I know you don't want to go back to work.  It sucks.  You may love most things about your may not.  Either way, the end of summer break sucks.  No more lounging in your jammies.  No more staying up late at night without feeling tired the next day when the alarm goes off.  No more freedom from having to be somewhere at a certain time while trying to coordinate children, a household, and a husband.  And while life as you knew it for a few months is over, I want you to know why I'm really excited for two of my children to be in school full-time and one part-time.  Steel yourselves, it's not what you think.

     On the morning of Wednesday, August 14th, I will prepare my two children for 2nd grade and Kindergarten.  They will eat breakfast, smile for tons of pictures they don't want to take, and then they will get on the bus to head to their first day of a new year of school.  The next morning, all three kids will be dressed and ready to go to school.  One reason I am excited for my kids to go to school again is because I personally love new beginnings.  Fresh pencils, new glue, clean folders, blank sheets of paper.  All of these things signify what is yet to come, and this is so very exciting to me, and I have passed this excitement onto my kids as well.  They keep checking on their purchases, just to make sure everything is still there and brand new.  This is a starting point; almost a "see-what-I-can-do" beginning of everything.

      Another point to note, teachers, is that you are miracle workers, and I have faith in you to do the unthinkable.  You take my children, the ones whom I love so dearly, and you teach them things I never thought they would learn.  I have a child who is a fluent reader.....not because of me.  I have a child who loves music and instruments.....not because of me.  I have a child who calls every student in her class her friend.....not because of me.  Teachers, you teach so much more than content.  You teach caring, sharing, loving, responsibility, dedication, completion, and pride.  I try to teach those same things at home, but there's something about your teacher status that has clout.  I know I'm important to their upbringing, but you are too.  Never, ever forget that.

     As I prepare myself for another year of not teaching, I am truly ecstatic to be at home.  I have the chance to greet my children as they come running off the bus, anxious to tell me about what you said today that meant so much.  I will help my children work hard to make you proud, as that is all they want to do.  I will sign their folders to let you know I acknowledge all of your hard work, and affirm that it really does matter.

     Don't get me wrong, I will enjoy my moments of peace when all three are at school, but I will sip my coffee, fold my laundry, and run my errands knowing that they are in your loving hands, teaching them lifelong lessons about life and learning.  And for those moments of peace, I thank you.  Don't ever think you're not my heroes.

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