Friday, July 1, 2011

Confession #18: Life is a vacation, and I'm the help.

I'm sure every mom feels overwhelmed by day-to-day tasks every now and again.  I'm no different.  My kids aren't more challenging (at least I hope mine are quasi-normal).  However, I had a revelation the other morning as I was getting ready.  Travel along this journey with me.

You know how when you go on vacation, you sort of act like standard rules don't apply?  You stay in a hotel room, and though you always make your bed at home, you leave these sheets in an utter mess.  You always hang up your towel when you're done with it at home, but in a hotel, you leave your towels -- six to be exact -- in a wet mess on the bathroom floor.

You have all your meals made for you, and you always get to pick what you want.  If you don't like it, you can always send it back.  On vacation, you eat dessert more than you would if you were just at's an extra little splurge, and it feels good.

You have no household responsibilities when you're on vacation. There's nothing to clean, wipe, dust, vacuum, tidy, mow, or launder.  You're pulled away from all of those tasks to live blissfully unaware that such tasks even exist in this world!

While on vacation, you seek to be constantly entertained.  Whether it's movies, swimming, drinks at a bar, golf, people-watching, sunning yourself, you find yourself being entertained and happy....oh-so-happy.

Doesn't that sound nice?  Isn't that why people go on vacation in the first place?

Welcome to the life of a child.  It's just one huge vacation.  How kids feel as though they have anything to complain about is beyond me. 


Mommy:  "Because it's the only damn thing I've asked you to do all day while I've been conquering my mile-long to-do list before leaving the state for 10 days while also managing three kids and all their needs/wants/insane requests.  I would think that putting your shoes away would be the least you could do to contribute to this household."

Child 2:  "You're mean, Mommy."

The life of a child is a vacation, and you can call me Consuela.

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