Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Confession #19: I didn't go to McDonald's.

How many days in the week?  Seven.
How many meals in a day?  Three.
Quick math problem:  7 x 3 = 21.
Then, when you take 21 x 52, that equals 1,092.
Add in miscellaneous snacks, drinks, bottles, baby feedings, etc., and that's a lot of shopping for, preparing, serving, and cleaning up after kids when you're at Stay-at-Home Trophy Wife.

I realize that it's all part of this glorious job that I have, but 1,092 feedings for children who don't strive to eat balanced meals is a hell of a lot of cooking....not to mention the complaining from wee ones when something green hits their plates.

So sue me if I take them to McDonald's and listen to them gleefully cheer at their new Smurfs that came in their Happy Meals.  Sue me that sometimes I want an easy afternoon of making lunch.  Sue me.  I don't care. Well, I guess I do kind of care....I hate feeling like a slacker that I couldn't even throw an Uncrustable on a plate and call out, "Lunch is SERVED!"

It's my little least it used to be.  Once those little boogers became old enough to rat me out to my husband, it became a game of hiding cups and saying, "I didn't go to McDonald's."

Do you know what's even worse than trying to hide a quick lunch in the drive thru from my husband?  Telling your former student who works in the drive thru and recognizes you every...single....time...., "We really don't come here that often.  We just came for the Smurfs.  Honestly."  Even I didn't believe myself on that one.

However, I have figured out that McDonald's calls them Happy Meals for some reason....because this mom drives away with lunch made and satisfied kids....and that makes her happy.  Oh-so-happy....and that's one less meal I'm making this week.

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