Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Confession #21: I play games.

I love playing games.  I love children.  I despise playing games with children.

By nature, I am a competitive person.  No one who knows me well will argue with this statement.  When it comes to playing, I want to win.  That is my objective.  Mix this with competition with a child, and tears will naturally ensue.

When my daughter asks me to sit down and play Go Fish, I am more than happy to drop everything to do so.  Halfway through the game, I realize this is a big mistake.  I'm out for blood, and she's my victim.  She yells at me that I'm changing the rules just so I can win.  Unfortunately, I can't turn it off.  I tell myself that not letting her win is teaching her a life lesson.  It is, isn't it?

Candyland?  Tears.
Old Maid?  Tears.
Guess Who?  Tears.
Chutes and Ladders?  Tears.
Crazy Eights?  Tears.
Perfection?  Tears.
Connect Four?  Tears.

As Christmas approaches, I realize that there are some hidden opportunities to cry beneath that wrapping paper.  I'm only hoping that one of those games is one where she is better than I am.  I'm tired of wiping the tears when I beat her over and over again.

Ahhh.....I think I have finally remembered the one game she shall win:  Memory.  After three kids, I have none.  I see some success in her future.  I have a feeling that her tears will turn into sunshine, and for this, my competitive nature will subside.....just this once.

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  1. Do you really always win Candland? I'll have to send Payton over!!