Thursday, December 9, 2010

Confession #2: Yoga? I don't do yoga.

Me -- cruising through Target with two kids in tow.
Random Stranger Woman (RSW) -- "Oh, where do you do yoga?" 
Me -- "Yoga?"
RSW -- "Yes, you're wearing yoga pants.  I figured you'd just gotten done with downward facing dog. Hee hee."
Me -- "I don't do yoga.  I just am a fan of their pants.  Yogettes really know how to live in comfort."
RSW -- "Oh....sorry to have bothered you."
Me -- (thinking to myself) "Maybe I should have lied....she might have been cool to hang out with...."

Here's a secret about me that I don't really keep to myself:  I thank God each day when I pray that Old Navy makes yoga pants.  Now that they have introduced their new 'walking pants' that have pockets, I truly am living a blissful life around my house and around the town.  Finally, somewhere to put the little things I can't carry in my hands without being spotted by my children (i.e. a little handful of M&M's)!!

What I have learned about the aforementioned pants is that you truly can wear them anywhere in this town without getting funny looks or feeling out of place.  I wear them to Target, my daughter's preschool, QuikTrip, upstairs, downstairs, and have even worn them to the circus (masquerading as dress pants!).  How many pants do you have that rock that same level of versatility?  Not many, I'm sure.  Jeans just don't have the same comfort level as the stretchy material of the yoga/walking pant.

The point of this blog?  There absolutely isn't one.  I just had to give homage to my favorite pants and let you know that they have made life as a stay-at-home trophy wife one that just wouldn't be complete without the right mixture of cotton and lycra.  In fact, I'm going to go put some on right now, and we'll see if that just doesn't make the day seem a little bit brighter.....or a little bit stretchier at least.


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