Sunday, December 19, 2010

Confession #4: My mind is twisted.

Now, if you know me, this is not surprising to hear me profess.  I am a little bit crazy.  Hopefully it doesn't evolve into something "institution-like," but I'm not ruling out anything.  (especially when I'm in the kitchen running my mixer, the sink in the water, listening to a football game being viewed too loudly, a crying baby, and two whining kids asking for a snack)

Okay, so here is the reason I am crazy and twisted:  I consider doing things that are inexcusable by society and would love to be able to execute them sometimes without a guilty conscience.

1.  Run errands in my robe.
2.  Lock my children in their rooms for an entire day.
3.  Organize every single family member's closet by color (Okay, this one has already been done.)
4.  Not strap my kids into their car seats.  What a pain in the ass they are!
5.  Just serve my children cookies for every meal until they run out.  One batch would go a long way!
6.  Put a bow in Quinn's hair and take him out in public.
7.  Refuse to make my child lunch to avoid delaying naptime any longer.
8.  Wrap the kids (the older two at least) in bubble wrap and roll them down the stairs.
9.  Buy them the annoyingly loud toys they ask for....just to make them happy.
10.  Not sign my child up for any organized sport, activity, or lesson just to keep life 'simple.'
11.  Enter a child into a beauty pageant contest....just to see what would happen.
12.  Refuse to pick up after anyone for an entire week.
13.  Run out of gas just to see who would come to my rescue on the side of the road.
14.  Say "yes" to everything my children wanted for a day....just to see what would happen.
15.  Send myself on a vacation for a weekend....just pack my bags and go with a kiss goodbye to my husband.  Oh, I don't even know where I'd go!

Those are the things, the thoughts, the general wonderings that cross my mind during the course of a typical week (or so).  Some of them I would truly consider doing, and might do, if I knew no one would find out.  What have you ever considered doing that would be frowned upon or considered to be a violation of wifely or parental rules?  Please leave comments so I know I'm not alone!!!!

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