Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Confession #5: I'm gonna miss this.

Please be prepared for the sentimental, sappy thoughts that are prevailing today.  If you don't like emotion, it's time to go to someone else's blog for the day.

I was in the bathroom today, looked at the dinosaurs that were watching me, and I sighed at first at the fact that there were toys in the bathroom.  Then I smiled.  I was in the shower today, saw two dinosaurs watching me, and sighed that there were toys in the shower.  Then I smiled.  I thought to myself, "Some day you're going to miss the dinos." 

*(pause for sniffling and a few tears being shed.....)*

There are so many things about my itty bitty children that I'm going to miss in the next few years, not to mention when they've all moved out of the house.  Here's just a random sampling:

*The handprints on the windows
*The toys everywhere:  counter, pantry, drawers, bathroom, car, etc.
*Q drinking cheese out of plastic containers
*L helping me bake (really just to lick the beaters, but I don't care)
*Seeing H's smiling face when I get her from her crib in the morning
*Clapping when my little boy goes potty on the toilet
*Helping my kids pick out their clothes for the day
*Solving their problems with a hug and a kiss
*Getting a smile just by singing "I love you, a bushel and a peck!"
*Hearing a little voice shout, "LOOK AT ME!" as he or she does something silly or amazing (or dangerous!)
*Having all children believe in Santa
*Being able to spell the words I don't want the kids to hear
*Picking little boogers out of little noses
*Hearing Q say "dy-soars" for dinosaurs, and "booty" for Sleeping Beauty
*Helping little hands get washed in the sink
*Having children come out of the woodwork to shout at me when they hear the phone ring
*Watching L read books and photo "ottoms" to Q
*Having a dance party in the kitchen when the kids are just a little too crabby
*Hearing little baby noises when H is eating
*Watching Q get mad at the washer because its lid slammed on my hand....yet again
*Seeing all of our bedroom pillows on the landing as the kids play fort or picnic
*Hearing people tell me that I have my hands full.  Because when they stop saying that, it means my kids are too grown up to be considered a handful anymore.

With parenting comes the fair share of crabbing about doing everything for your children and having no time to yourself.  They need you for almost everything.  Their needs are never-ending.  Their needs are oh-so-urgent.  Yet I know that they won't always need me, so I am going to revel in this time of their lives make sure they know how much I need them, too.


  1. What a great list! I can connect with just about all of them- especially the spelling of words. My sister-in-law once spelled a word to my brother-in-law and they both realized that they were standing *outside* of the car, with both kids inside the car. So funny!

    Today, I will smile and think of this post as I pick up toys and crumbs on the floor!

  2. This is too cute - and too true! I am going to miss Ryan believing that cookies actually do come out of his ears. He was telling me today that his ear was little bit itchy (his cue that he wants a cookie) and I didn't have any handy . . . so chocolate chips came out of his ear instead. With extra for Mommy too!