Monday, February 7, 2011

Confession #10: Parenting is tiring.

READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4:55 a.m.:  fed baby
5:37 a.m.:  couldn't go back to sleep
5:39 a.m.:  looked in mirror and decided I didn't look that bad.....thus my day began.....
Went to Hy-Vee (strutted and strolled at being only shopper)
Drove throughStarbucks
Put away groceries
Checked e-mail
Skipped breakfast
Checked Facebook
Fed child
Hard boiled eight eggs
Started laundry
Researched random shit
Went back through bookmarked sites
Dressed child
Celebrated potty-training successes with fist pump
Redressed child
Changed underwear due to lack of interest in chosen superhero into Transformers undies
Redressed child
Checked Facebook
Cleaned dishes
Ran dishwasher
9:15 a.m.:  Got baby from crib
Changed baby's diaper
Dressed baby
Fed baby
Texted while feeding baby
Rescheduled doctor's appointment for children due to the fact that doc didn't want to come in so early....12:30 is too early?
Got kids into car
Mustered strength and rallied troops
Took kids to Joann Fabrics
Bought stuff in record time
Wiped sticky hands from bribery sucker residue
Looked for plaid wrapping paper at TJ Maxx
Gave up on plaid wrapping paper
Battled son with bathroom door while trying to convince him that not everyone wants to watch Mommy go to the bathroom
Helped son go to bathroom
Cheered for successful potty
Continued shopping
Went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond
Chatted up salesman to find best machine to make mochas at home
Bought Keurig!!
12:00 p.m.:  Went to Burger King to celebrate no meltdowns on son's part
Ate lunch
Put kids down for nap
Checked Facebook
Sent e-mails
Read random craft tutorials
Sorted sweaters for new craft project
Sighed with despair when noticing that the dishwasher "clean" light went off because I opened the door.  (can't feign that I didn't know the dishes were clean.....)
Geek Squad man arrived to hook up speakers
Crafted while kids napped and he worked
Sent e-mails, texts, and searched for dinner recipes
Squad guy left for part at Best Buy
Dashed upstairs to shower the stink away
Dressed and dried in fast forward
Missed IMPORTANT phone call
Spoke with Squad
3:00 p.m.:  Discussed project with neighbor
Learned about new speaker system
Talked with friend about projects
Fretted about missing important phone call
Drank wine from box
Refilled wine
Obsessed about missing phone call
Made pork chops
Made sweet potato casserole
Returned important phone no avail
Cleaned dishes from dinner preparation
Sighed and remembered there were 30 other things I could have/should have done today.....
6:30 p.m.:  Tuned out children's whining about dinner
6:45 p.m. to 8:22 p.m.:  mothered my children exclusively.....and it felt good to have their little bodies pressed against me as we read together 
9:30 p.m.:  Blogged while watching my guilty pleasure "The Bachelor"

That's a fairly typical day in the life of a "stay at home trophy wife." 

I'm tired.


  1. Love it! Sounds like my life....same stuff different day! Those cuddles (and Starbucks) make it easier!

  2. Does "researched random shit" mean that you spent part of your day Googling? I do the same thing! Great post . . . if this were my list there'd be several lines dedicated to scarfing random crap out of my pantry - candy, goldfish crackers, kids' fruit snacks, etc.

  3. Congrats on the Keurig! That machine has changed my life. I hope it makes yours a little more blissful as well.

  4. What? You did not sit down and watch Oprah the entire day? I wish some people realized the craziness of stay at home momma lives! I left my hubby with the kids for one overnight and he was so entirely flustered when I got home- it was entertaining!