Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Confession #8: Amber Alert!!!!

I have a very serious announcement here:  I cannot locate my husband!!!!!!  I am putting an Amber Alert out for him, and this is not the first time I've had to do this.

I've been looking for him for a couple of weeks now.  He is a tall, dark, handsome man with a great sense of humor.  He has the ability to make every person in the room laugh at a joke he hasn't even finished telling.  He is a very loyal, dedicated man, to friends, family, and his job.  He has a smile and dimples that are infectious.  He is highly intellectual and has the ability to remember nearly every thing that has ever happened in his life.  He is the father of three beautiful, unique, and beloved children.  I miss him dearly......

OH WAIT!!  I just located him.....he was sitting across from me at dinner tonight.  It was just the two of us, and I found the man that I married almost seven years ago hadn't left, he'd just been overshadowed by the little people in our family.  But, he gave me that amazing smile, laughed at a bad joke I had made, and I knew that he was back.  You have no idea how relieved I am......


  1. i think i might get some tall, dark & handsome time this weekend. it's been toooooo long. and don't worry, it's not michael. it's tom.

  2. Agreed. So well written. Loved it, as usual!