Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Confession #12: Reading is overrated.

My oldest child is learning to read, and while I should be celebrating this, I am not.  I just spelled a naughty word to a friend on the phone, and she sounded it out.  When she said it out loud, she looked at me questioningly, as though she had never heard it before.  I felt a small, very, very small, victory at that moment that her virgin ears hadn't heard that expletive. 

Then I felt very deflated that life is changing.....the life with a juvenile reader.  They can sound out enough stuff to cause trouble, yet they read at a snail's pace, which makes reading together torturous.  I know this phase will pass.


  1. ben had fun sounding out f-u-c-k at urban outfitters. do not take your kids to urban outfitter's 'gift section'. laura will just learn more and more and more...

  2. HA!! Okay, so now I WANT to take Aves to UO just to see what happens! Ah, yes, yesterday I spelled S-E-X in front of my almost 11 year-old. He rolled his eyes annoyingly and said, "Mom, I can spell now AND I know what sex is." Ahh..innocence lost. :)