Sunday, February 6, 2011

Confession #9: Alone, I am nothing.

I have just wrapped up a marvelous trip to Arizona with my bitty baby!  It was marvelous, relaxing, and rejuvenating to my parenting soul!  I came back ready to swoop up my older two children in my arms, listen to their sweet voices, and take care of their every need!

Did I learn a lesson about parenting while I was gone?  You bet I did.  I learned that my baby makes me special.  Being alone makes me.....alone.

During both flights, security checkpoints, shopping at the mall, in line at Starbucks (yes!!!!!), trying to get my bags from baggage claim, eating out at restaurants, until the very last second of my trip, my baby made me special.  There wasn't a soul that didn't give me a special look or smile.  I heard countless words of admiration and affection towards my smiley baby.  People went out of their way to be nice to me and make my baby feel valued in this world.  I was overwhelmed with pride, love, and gratitude. 

Then, all of a sudden, I was overwhelmed with puzzlement.  Why am I not as special when I am alone?  What is it about my little companion that made me worthy of others' kindnesses?  Why does my baby make me someone with whom they should converse? 

It's because parenting is a universal knowledge, language, and understanding of one another.  Babies' sweet faces and innocence make other people a sucker for that unconditional love.  There's a sense of accomplishment when you make a baby smile.  You feel a renewed sense of pride when you can talk to someone else about your children.  People without children can still get sucked into that dreamy look in a baby's eyes and melt.  It's just plain and simple:  babies are miraculous.  Being a parent is even more of a miracle, as you are the one guiding that little blessing through life.  Hopefully the next time I am not alone at Target, the craft store, or a restaurant, I will remember how special I have become because of  those people that surround me.....and surround me with love, and then I'm left with one question:  Why do I ever want to go anywhere alone when I can feel like this?


  1. I'll drink to that. Beautiful.

  2. this weekend, during our couple-y 'alone' time, I kept asking T, "Do these people all think we DON'T get it? They do, don't they? They don't know we have kids, and that's weird."